Trap Beckham


No stranger to making trap-party anthems, formerly known as Yung Trap; Trap Beckham was signed to Def Jam Records in 2016 with the wave takeover of his song “Birthday B****.” The song was then edited and recreated with a twist and new title entitled “Birthday Chick.” Within a matter of weeks, the single went viral with celebrity and influential figures celebrating their birthdays to the hit single. The song digitally has been streamed and downloaded over 50 million times.

Following the success of this record, Trap released another ground-breaking record entitled “Lil Booties Matter” featuring DJ Pretty Ricky. The anthem celebrated the women around the world who was not curvaceous, and it caught a wave that has now reached digitally in streams and downloads of almost 30 million worldwide. Since released, the trend in apparel, viral videos and more surfaced to compliment the single alongside its visual that featured Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy.

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