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From his independent mainstream success, Problem has become quite the talk lately, as he begins releasing new music along with features surfacing on the new Mike Will album, ‘Ransom 2’.

Problem kicked off 2017 giving his fans a new mixtape ‘Chachiville’ and one-stop online shop for videos, music, lyrics, merchandise and more on his website

This year Problem’s hit single “My Squad” became the LA Rams team anthem; along with so many other squads across the nation, so he called on Todd Gurley and other #Ramly to be apart of his official video for the track.

Rueben Wood of SOM Magazine recently caught up with the west coast artist to talk about new music and other projects he has been working on!

Tell us about your new project Chachiville.

Problem: Chachiville is a break away from whats going on currently and just putting together some great music in my opinion to give to the fans.

What was the creative process behind creating the project?

Problem: Probably because of the person I am i didn’t do the normal ratchet stuff we normally do, we was vining off the cities we went to and recording in the hotels, during the tour. IT was dope to me! It felt better since im used to recording in one spot. After some fine tuning, and moving some stuff around it became a great project.

Ok, So what was your favorite track from the mixtape?

Problem: It depends on the day Bro, I didn’t have a theme for the project I just want to pick to the 12 best records and put it together. Because i used to try and do that. But i just like the body of work on this one. “Don’t Want No Smoke” featuring Taxstone, “Ain’t Fun Me Featuring You”, and “Melrose” are some picks! The body of work shows the growth in Problem, since the mixtape sounds more like an album.

So how does it compare to other music you have put out?

Problem: Since I have grown as a person and an artist, its all different because if i didn’t grow as a person my music wouldn’t change and there would be nothing to talk about. But people know I’m growing and they hear the difference and need it as well. My fan base is growing and Diamond Lane is growing and we still here doing more moves.

Since your independent and Diamond Lane is doing well, have you gotten any offers to be bought out?

Problem: Yea we have

Would you do it?

Problem: Yea we would allow somebody to come in with us, if its the right situation and if its a benefit to the staff. No dollar amount can make up up for the 7 years we have vested in this with our own money and time, and it matters to us if not anyone else. It has to be on our terms though.

So what other projects do you have coming?

Problem: We always working, we have projects coming, but i don’t want to speak on too much. We got music coming for the fans.

How do you feel the support is their locally in Compton?

Problem: My city gone rock with me regardless, just know that! I’m really from that area not from a gang sense but from a life sense. A lot of the way i walk and talk comes from my city, and they know i represent it well.

So how did you get your start in the music and entertainment industry?

Problem: Mr. Jones in the industry and as far as me getting my break Snoop, and Tara Martin, and they helped my career early on that helped see stuff i needed later on.

So you didn’t start off as an artist though right? You were doing songwriting and production?

Problem: Yea producing, it was my first taste of it and what got me paid. I had to creep through the door in this muthafu$#&.

Well theres nothing wrong with that cause at least you here now!

Problem: Exactly, exactly, what they say its no such thing as an easy dollar, haha.

So is there any features on this upcoming project or on Chachivillie?

Problem: On Chachiville its all new artist, but for me the song picking process is such a big deal to me for the new project and all projects that it maybe a couple people on their.

So with the West Coast back popping now, have you thought of collaborating with TDE or Kendrick Lamar like that?

Problem: I mean them my folks, and when the time is right then it will present itself, but I actually got songs with all of them, their just on a hard drive and hasn’t been released, and because of the way they do their movement it would have to be done a certain way. But as far as future features from them, I don’t know. I’ve been in a bubble, so I’m trying to grow with all the new music i do, and learn to do new things myself. Also trying to get things right for Bad Lucc, Casha, you know. So just like they move, and I respect the F%^& outta TDE, and we got a Diamond Lane album out right now.

Are you looking for new artist for Diamond Lane?

Problem: I’m always looking to hear new music and looking for that talent, they just have to know its hard work and lot to do to make it. But I’m always trying to shed light on something new.

How do you feel about the current music scene in Southern California?

Problem: I feel like we quiet right now, I don’t feel like its really much else going on, Im speaking on a collective, cause of course Kendrick is doing his thing, and Ty is doing his thing as well. But I feel 5 years ago we were stronger, and I want to see some new energy and new artist that represent all genres and can push the culture forward……


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