What is social media missing?

In today’s fast growing digital world, most (if not all) marketers and advertisers now recognize digital as a crucial part of their marketing mix. The rise in the adoption of mobile devices in the developing world is a major factor in the growth of digital marketing and digital marketing spends. According to an article by, digital marketing spend exceeded traditional TV marketing spend for the first time in 2017. The first of its kind in the history of mass media. It is also projected that this year 2018, mobile advertising spend alone is expected to surpass TV ad spend. The reason is simple. More time is spent by people watching their mobile phones now than watching TV’s. Also the ability to carry mobile devices around easily and use them just about anywhere is a key factor to this new obvious trends and developments. The internet has enabled digital marketing but without social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the dream of digital marketing being easily accessible to anyone might have been far from reality like it is today. With as little as 1$ any advertiser (big or small) can reach a target audience and begin creating awareness for their service or product.  Which of course is impossible with traditional TV ad’s or billboards because of the high prices they command.


Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have also created new income streams for influencers who can now make their own fun, educative and interactive videos and build a community around their content. The reality and rise of the “influencer age” (as I like to call it) in the digital marketing world has come to stay because these social platforms have enabled individuals (visual content creators) who are TV personalities or aspiring TV/Video personalities to create content, build a community and create an income or additional income for themselves. Now you don’t have to attend uncountable auditions or break into Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood before being noticed by the public. And of course you don’t need to have physical land to build a community anymore. 


Now I would like us to take a step back and look at what we are missing here in this beautiful era of the internet, social media and influencer marketing. Social platforms and the internet have enhanced creators, created new kinds of job and income. All of which have been very focused on photos or video creations which have supported creators such as actors, comedians, dancers, visual artists e.t.c.

But wait a minute. Like I mentioned earlier, I think we forgot a fundamental content creation segment and the most effective means of passing meaningful information. Voice and audio. So many questions pop up immediately when I think of this. 

“What about audio and radio? What about the podcasters and voice over artists? And what about the young, talented audio story tellers aspiring to become on-air personalities and create their own audio shows? How does a creator/radio host whose strength is their voice leverage social media to create meaningful audio content and build an engaging community at the same time without the fear of losing the focal element of voice interaction peculiar to the radio? How can radio continue to be relevant in the digital age and in the minds of the younger generation who will go into a store 100 times over to buy a mobile phone before thinking of buying a radio?”


These are questions we should all give a thought. Obviously there is an untapped industry, market and untapped potential source of income for talented audio creators. Why can’t an audio creator be an influencer with a large following, enjoying and interacting with their audio content? Brands will begin contacting this influencers to advertise products/services and the reality is that anyone who has the ability to create audio related content especially radio hosts, podcasters and the likes have a tremendous market place here waiting for them. Just like a brand will pay to advertise on a radio show because of its listeners, a brand will pay to advertise on anaudio-influencer’s page with delightful audio content and a growing follower or listener base as the case may be. Unfortunately podcast platforms and radio/online radio streaming will not take audio where it needs to be and deserves to be, quite simply because they do not foster communication/interaction. Podcast takes care of certain needs but it is a one-way community hence it does not fulfill all criteria to enable this sort of engagement and possibility for audio creators while radio on the other hand is just getting outdated and car radio listeners are about one of the main reasons radio still survives today with a steadily diminishing appeal with the younger generation. I am sure if you have read till this point, you are probably wondering if there is a solution and even if there is one, what is it and is the solution available yet?


Hooray, there is one solution because like they say “when there is a will, there is a way”. theVOIZapp is the first of its kind audio/voice-first social platform giving every voice a social experience. We read everywhere that our voice is the most natural element of socialization and interaction. So how do we really socialize without our voice? Whether online or offline. theVOIZapp is here to do for Radio hosts, VoiceOver Artists & Podcasters what the likes of Instagram and Facebook has done for TV & video personalities in terms of creating extra income through building communities and brand endorsements.  theVOIZapp combines audio content creation with photos and videos in a very exclusive way while fostering an engaging two way communication between listeners and creators through its first of a kind voice commenting feature. As a creator on theVOIZapp, you have access to create your own channels (called rooms) which you can open to the public for free audio consumption or locked for your premium content and subscription by your listeners/followers. Most importantly, your listeners  can still enjoy your audio content or audio show while on the road like a radio and when they are at home, at work or at the gym. Listeners can also engage at any time leaving comments and valuable feedback for creators to help improve. They do not have to wait for the show to air before they can engage with you the right way with their voice.  Last but not the least, because the theVOIZapp is so passionate about the success and progress of content creators, it’s one of a kind game changing analytic feature incorporates voice/emotion analytics, average listeners drop off time and matching listeners demographic to help creators improve and create more value for their listeners which in turn creates value for them. Download theVOIZapp today to be a part of the future of social. The future is now.


theVOIZapp is available for download in the iOS and google play stores now and is free.

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Babatunde Olaniran



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