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1. With the success if your 2 latest singles, what can we expect next?

Since I just put out the EP through Empire “The Boom Boom Room”, I want to see how that goes. I wanted to push Adena but it seems as if everyone is feeling Sugar Honey Ice Tea. So I just want to see how that goes. You know Im a fan of what ever the people want, so we just put it out and shoot a video to it.

2. So what is the concept behind “Adena”?

Um, I’m a big fan of Adena Howard, and I just wanted to tackle that Freak Like Me song, and when people hear it, you know, they go Ayyyyye. But you know I added my own little twist for the club. So its just giving them more of me when they vibe to it.

3. What made you put your spin on Classic records?

Just the enjoyment of the record, I use to find myself playing a bunch of rah rah tracks to get the club hype since I DJ, and then on my way home I would be listening to more mellow music, R&B, and just music like that. Also from the influence from my mother listening to the oldies, it I wanted to listen to that more. I had an idea of bringing generations together, and bridging the gap between the new school music and old school so more people can relate.

4. Do you have any artist you want to do a collaboration with?

Yea but its all really based on vibes, Im currently in the studio with a couple of different people now though. TKN Cash, 2 Chains, Young Dolph, Sy Ari Da Kid, and more.

5. So can we expect an album coming anytime soon?

I wouldn’t say an album but I do have a project coming in 2017 The Detour on 4/20. Its the third installment of my Highway Music situation, Stuck in traffic was the second installment.

6.So would you consider yourself to be more hip hop/rap genre, or are you R&B as well?

Honestly Im just a DJ, I don’t really resonate with any genre. I guess you could say Hip Hop, cause thats where doing originated from but you know R&B is just vibes, thats that playa. If you ask any OG in the hood they will tell you the listen to R&B. Music for women, and love for women is Universal, so everyone wants to make sure their on point with that.

7. So what inspired you to get into music growing up?

Outkast was dope to me, their vibe to be different was always inspiring and also Pharrel.

8. So why did you become a dj instead of a rapper from the start?

I was doing poetry, and I did band, and also when I got into this group everybody had a thing to do. I was the dj and I wanted to make away for us. Then I came to a battle with myself of what I wanted to be, did I want to be an artist or did I want to be a dj? Then it just came to me to be a Dj since everybody trying to be an artist and a dj is an artist anyway. So I became the dj who made the soundtrack for us the djs, cause once your done with a long set and you have to drive home you know, you want something to vibe to. I remember doing at this one place it was an hour away from my spot, and my lady friend would text me where Im at, you know and some nights would be longer than usual, so thats actually where OTW came from, she would have the food ready for me, so I would get my plate, after I got some weed, and we would mellow the night off.

9. So there was no Netflix and chill?

Hahahahaha na I usually had the old school music on then off to sleep

10. With OTW Vs. Might Be, which did fans receive better?

OTW, cause people didn’t know who I was with Might Be. So people just didn’t connect it. My core fans did, cause Might Be was more of a freestyle. People would say, brush thats not even his best record. So they were ready for that one. With OTW people got see he is more than just a one hit wonder. Cause aint nobody doing that independently, not 2 one year.

11. So are you thinking of signing to a major label?

I think thats a decision me and my team have to make, I always tell people Dj Luke Nasty is a team, its not just me.

12. So how important do you think having a team is for an independent artist?

Its very important, cause everything doesn’t go your way, you got to have people that don’t give up when you feel like giving up. It makes you go hard, cause you can’t waste nobody time. Do you just wanna say you tried or do you want to do it? You need that team for that.

13. Now you are originally from North Carolina, how are the people there receiving you?

Yes High Point, Im getting major support from them but I just want to show them, you can be from anywhere and make it. Like nobody can see your vision until you make them.

14. Do you feel like marketing is a serious thing, that a lot of indie artist don’t understand?

Yea, yea you know marketing is just branding yourself, and I haven’t done a great job for myself cause I stay to myself and love to make music. But they got to know about you, and I tell people don’t worry about the fame it will block and clout your music and thats why I stay lowkey.

15. So in the Might Be video you had Jena Frumes in it right?

Oh yea s/o to Jena she was in Durham so she support the movement.

16. What would you say has been the best moment since you put out these records, and had this success?

Last night I performed a record I just put out, and I got a great response. It was in Cleveland , OH and people knew it.

17. Is there anything else you would like to leave with readers?

Just enjoy the music……


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