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Fresh off of dropping new single Pocket Watching, Ca$h Ot gives us an exclusive on his new music and where he comes from:

SOM: Can you tell us the concept behind “Pocket Watching”?

Ca$h Out:

The concept is very relatable, its just about going through life experiences, coming from nothing. People worried about what you have, and have going on, so you have to watch and stay on top of everything you do. A lot of people love to stay in your business anyway, and you see so many that make it and then they lose their lives. So you have to stay on point, with the way people

pocket watch.

SOM: So when will you be dropping an album?

Ca$h Out:

I don’t have a set date yet, I have recorded 4 new tracks. I’m just getting everything together at this point, I have a couple of videos shot already, and mainly just reviewing everything so when we drop it, it will takeoff.

SOM: So what made you get into music?

Ca$h Out:

If you google me you will see my situation, I had two trials. One in Columbus, and one in Atlanta. The person who told on me, retracted his story. I had a warrant out for my arrest and I didn’t even know it, once I went in, I was in the cell with him and I didn’t think he thought that would happen. So he had a change of heart and I guess he felt bad for snitching. The second trial for the firearm charge, which really made me get serious, was my chance to redeem myself. I felt like I had to many chances and opportunities, I had to pay my lawyer a couple of racks, then I beat that case. I saw others in my hood who were rapping in Clayton County, like Young Thug and others. So if you look at my one of my first tracks, it features him on it. After all of that I said it would be easy for me to talk about it, because I live it.

SOM: So where your at right now we know our not still in the trap anymore obviously right?

Ca$h Out:

I still slide through from time to time (Laughs) for motivational purposes only, so I can remember where I came from. It also shows others anybody can do it, even if you’re from the hood. At this point I’m just trying to go to the next level now, get bigger endorsements, big tour, or just in general the next level.

SOM: How do you feel about the Future comparisons?

Ca$h Out:

I think early on since we were on the same label, it was kinda awkward cause he got signed 3–4 months before me. He came to, then I came right behind him. I don’t think we sound a like, but people would get that confused because of the label affiliation at the time. I was actually the first artist on Epic to bring in a certified Plaque, and a #1 record for the urban artist. You know people, would also say since they both have dreads, they sound alike, which you know people always have something to say.

SOM: Right now, what is your take on the current Atlanta music scene?

Ca$h Out:

I feel like its just elevating right now, its not going backwards. I feel like Atlanta been going strong for about 15 years, the South period. Everything in life right now is developing right now, just like slavery changed and developed, right now music and everything else about the world is developing. Jay Z said it best, “You Got To Adapt”.

SOM: What is your take on the Bankroll Fresh situation?

Ca$h Out:

It was sad and unfortunate, but at the same time you got know your surroundings, and keep your circle small. No one in my circle would have let that happen to me. I also don’t record just anywhere, it has to be somewhere I’m familiar with and I have to be familiar with the people around to. It’s just like I was driving the other day and I was feeling myself so I was accelerating a little, but my patna says you need to slow down, and think about what you doing. So sometimes you need that, but you definitely need those the of people around you, who look out for you and your best interest. They shouldn’t be in your circle if they not really for you.

SOM: Is their anything else you are working on?

Ca$h Out:

Yes just locking in this tour, dropped the new single, got a mixtape coming, and more!


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