Authors: Sy Asad Releases New Book Titled A Swan Among Ducks!

Sy Asad, born in Philadelphia and raised in Houston, is a published author, freelance writer, songwriter as well as entrepreneur. As a child she escaped through books and reading was one of her favorite things to do. She wrote her first song at seven years old and she also won many awards performing poetry. Seeing the impact words, hers and others, had on people she knew writing was something she wanted to be heavily involved in.

Casting classmates, interested and most uninterested, she decided to remake scenes from her favorite movie at the time, Shaka Zulu, for her third grade class project. She was the director, casting agent, set designer and marketing and promotions. It was extremely mature for a third grader, but she found it powerful and that was one of her first tastes of directing and visualizing a creative idea and manifesting it through action.

She wrote for magazines such as Yo! Raps magazine and Crunk magazine. She wrote for her college paper and was the editor for a Christian television network. She wrote jingles for a fashion and car company. She recorded with and wrote songs produced by Silver, Gold, Diamond plaque, & Grammy Award winning hit makers. She would later write songs for other artists some landing on popular albums, and television.

Her new book, “A Swan Among Ducks” transparently dishes the keys and directions for following the path, which leads to living your life to your fullest potential. Aiming not to speak at you but rather to speak to you, “A Swan Among Ducks” is a lot about self-development but it is not a standard self-help book. Sy Asad has been quoted as saying, “Some may wonder what makes me so skilled to write a self-development based book, and I believe it’s my life experiences. Why wouldn’t you want to get advice from a person who has over come a lot and is sharing a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to your personal life and or business?”

“A Swan Among Ducks” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and the audio version is on Audible as well. With focused attention on the importance of: not giving up on your goals, staying 100, being true to whoever you are, keeping your word, not minimizing who you are for other people’s comfort and much more, “A Swan Among Ducks” is a great book for men, women, young and old. If one is seeking candid advice through humor, spiritual correlation and razor sharp wit, this is a perfect go to book.

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